Welcome to the Bitcoin ASIC Hosting Frequently Asked Questions. Here you will find answers to the common questions asked about our services.

Do you sell any hardware?

No. We only provide server colocation for hardware that has already been purchased by our customers.  Our clients save time and money by sending us their units directly from the manufacturer.

What mining services are provided?

We provide an all-inclusive hardware colocation service specific for cryptographic mining.  Your miner will mine on a preferential server on a major pool.  We have extensive measures to receive instant notification whenever a unit is not hashing.  Our team is able to respond to these issues immediately and provide you with the highest uptime possible.  

How long are hosting terms?

We provide our clients with the ability to choose between, 3, 6 and 12 month contracts.

Where is Bitcoin ASIC Hosting located?

We operate and manage facilities throughout Washington State.

How can I pay?

We are currently accepting BTC (2% fee) or USD via check or direct deposit into our Bank of America company account. Wire options are for international customers only.

If I prepay, but my units have not arrived yet, what happens?

Your hosted time will not begin until your units have arrived.

Units such as KnC miners do not come with their own power supplies, how do you handle this?

Clients can send their own power supplies to us, or we can purchase them for you and bill you the price. We will always recommend higher end power supplies. The #1 point of failure for miners are inadequate or cheap power supplies. You have already invested so much into your miners; do not cut corners now!

How quick will my unit start mining after it arrives at your facility?

Timely tracking information is crucial for having the quickest turnaround time.  We strive to have all units online the same day they arrive.  We are most likely to achieve this goal when tracking information is provided by our clients as soon as it is available.

When will your facility be ready?

We are fully operational and accepting hardware for colocation.  Please email us at hosting(at)bitcoinasichosting(dot)com for a hosting quote.

What if my miner breaks?

In this extremely rare and unfortunate circumstance, our experienced team at Bitcoin ASIC Hosting will troubleshoot the unit to the best of our ability.  If the unit has proven to be damaged beyond our repair, we will consult the owner of the unit and the hardware manufacturer for further instructions.

Can I change my wallet address and contact information on my account?

No. Offering this service would open up our clients to unnecessary risk.  Changing of wallet address and contact information is vulnerability we do not tolerate.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. We offer insurance against theft and Acts of God, we do not offer insurance for lost profits or hardware failures.

Is There a setup fee?

Yes, there is a $21.00 per U (1.75 inches).  This fee covers hardware mounting, network setup, transportation, configuration and cabling.  This is a one time fee.  Fee can be reduced for contracts 6mo+ and longer.  Fee is waived for 12mo+ contracts.

What happens at the end of my hosting term?

At the conclusion of your hosting agreement,  The Customer may either pay for extraction of thier unit or it will be decomissioned and disposed.

Do you support high density mining operations?

Yes, we can support single units up to multi-megawatt deployments.  Please contact us at enterprise(at)bitcoinasichosting(dot)com for a custom quote.

Do you support non-rack mountable gear?

We are experienced in deployed non-traditional mining farms.

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