Bitcoin ASIC Hardware Hosting

Fire Sale Pricing = $60/kw for 6 month prepaid hosting term!
Price Per Month = #kw x $60 
Please contact us for a quote.

*These are the costs of hardware hosting and colocation.  Bitcoin ASIC Hosting does not have any hardware for sale or lease.*

Major ASIC Hardware Hosting Prices:

  • Hardware Model

    Power Consumption

    6 Month Price

    Avalon 61.1kW = 1000watts$396.00
    Antminer S91.4kW = 1400watts$504.00
    Antminer S4+1.6kW = 1600watts$576.00
    Antminer S5+3.45kW = 3450watts$1,242.00
    Antminer S71.4kW = 1400watts$504.00
    Spondoolies-Tech SP30 Yukon2.5kW = 2500watts$900.00
    Spondoolies-Tech SP35 Yukon3.65kW = 3650watts$1,314.00
    Spondoolies-Tech SP10 Dawson1.25kW = 1250watts$450.00
    Spondoolies Tech SP50  16.65kW = 16,570watts$5,994.00
    ZUES MINER1.0kW = 1000watts$360.00

**Note** We host all ASIC models, if it is not on this above list, please contact us for a custom quote.

*Prices are subject to change, please contact us to confirm the current rate.

We accept business and personal checks written out to Bitfund LLC and Bitcoin via Bitpay.

Disclaimer:  Monthly hosting is based on the manufacturer’s public power usage specifications.  Final monthly pricing will be based on the actual watts used.  Units during will be load metered to verify actual usage and the client will be notified with photo or video evidence of our findings.

Remember: The most important element that an ASIC mining machine needs to operate the most optimal level; cooling.

Cooling is crucial:  Tons of heat is generated during the mining process.  Adequately maintaining a low ambient temperature will give you the best overall performance.  We focus on making sure every aspect of our hosting environment is addressed and in working good order. In the end every miner receives the most hashing from their hardware and ultimately giving them the highest ROI.

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