Our Facility

We have created a unique environment for ASIC mining hardware.   Bitcoin ASIC Hosting provides optimal hosting environmen in a state of the art facilityt for all cryptocurrency mining hardware with Electricity, Cooling, and Networking in mind.

Core Elements to Bitcoin Hosting:

1. Cheap Electricity (We have access to 0.02 Kwh – some of the lowest on the planet)
2. Adequate Cooling (We set our ambient temperature to not exceed 75 degrees Fahrenheit)
3. Robust Network & Internet Connection (Fiber with multi-path to the network backbones)

4. Experienced support staff – By miners for miners. We have a complete staff of miners and Linux networking engineers to keep your units hashing and happy.


Couple these along with a group of miners that are passionate about mining and providing tremendous value in the face of rising difficulty.  We are here to serve you and help you get the more return on your hardware.

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: +1 (206) 651-5186