KNC Jupiters & Super Jupiters added to Sale List

As per the title, we are selling a bunch of KNC Jupiter and Super Jupiters.   They come as-is, they are functional units that were decommissioned and stored well.  They do come with controllers boards & high-quality PSU.  The customer will be responsible for covering the shipping costs to their location.

Hardware Count:
6 - KNC Jupiters (Oct Batch)
8  - KNC Super Jupiters 

Bitcoin ASIC Hosting expands to third location; one Megawatt of hydroelectric capacity brought online in Central Washington. 2.5 Megawatt expansion underway

COMPANY NAMES: Bitfund LLC & Bitcoin ASIC Hosting
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Bitcoin ASIC Hosting expands to third location; one Megawatt of hydroelectric capacity brought online in Central Washington.  2.5 Megawatt expansion underway.
Bitcoin ASIC Hosting, a subsidiary of Bitfund LLC, has risen as the premiere co-location service since opening its doors in May 2012.  Bitcoin ASIC Hosting has proven to its clients and the local community a commitment to excellence; driving business and growth in the public colocation industry.  Becoming versed in the art of thermal dynamics and power distribution, Bitcoin ASIC Hosting are utilizing innovative cooling methods alongside efficient power mapping to construct the most efficient cryptocurrency-specific datacenter.  This facility will be running on completely green power from Columbia River hydroelectric dams at $100 per kilowatt.
Over the past three years, Bitcoin ASIC Hosting has fine-tuned its customer service relations in addition to its maintenance and upkeep procedures.   Our slim and experienced staff troubleshoots everything from RMA ASIC board assembly, private pooling and responsive customer service.  As veterans in the industry, Bitcoin ASIC Hosting sets a standard of excellence; providing top-tier service to their clients and informative consulting to those planning to enter the market.
Bitcoin ASIC Hosting expanded into co-locating scrypt ASICs, providing stable hosting for upcoming alt-coin mining operations.  Bitcoin ASIC Hosting has isolated the unique demands and density requirements of the evolving cryptocurrency mining market, constructing a facility capable of handling units and boards of all varieties.
The expansion of their megawatt datacenter is the natural progression of the company.  Having taken no outside investment or customer presales for their projects, Bitcoin ASIC Hosting is completely dedicated to their clients.  Bringing online one full megawatt of capacity allows miners of every scale to experience worry-free mining in the affordable hands of experts.
Bitcoin ASIC Hosting is reserving space in their facility immediately on a first-come first-serve basis with flexible plans to accommodate the needs of each individual miner.  Inquiries for reservations and information can be sent directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., for custom datacenter build-outs and consulting please mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
About Bitcoin ASIC Hosting
Bitcoin ASIC Hosting was one of the first, and are the biggest name in ASIC hardware co-location.  Bitfund LLC is a dedicated team of Bitcoin enthusiasts with expertise in ASIC mining hardware consultation, custom data-center build outs, and cold coin storage solutions.  Bitcoin ASIC Hosting has been a Bitcoin hardware hosting provider for over 2 years.  For more information, contact: Allen Oh (425) 213-8754

Bitcoin ASIC Hosting expands capacity in Dell's Western Technology Center

Bitcoin ASIC Hosting is proud to announce an expansion deal with Dell Inc.  Together, we are excited to bring 4-megawatts of tier-3 datacenter rated hosting capacity to the crypto-currency mining market.  Our flexible contracts and scaling capacity is set to accommodate Bitcoin miners, and their expanding operations.  Quality hosting capacity is essential for increasing demands of Bitcoin mining operations.
This opportunity comes as an addition to Dell’s recent announcement to accept Bitcoin for customer sales via Coinbase.  This announcement is a giant leap forward for bringing Bitcoin into mainstream.  This article can be viewed here:
Bitcoin ASIC Hosting and Dell Inc. are providing the first large scale & high-density crypto-currency hosting facility available to the public.  Operating with a record of excellence in co-locating every available type of ASIC hardware on the market, Bitcoin ASIC Hosting's team of expert engineers and customer service representatives provide the support to take the micromanagement out of your mining investments while maximizing performance of ASIC mining hardware.
Strong mining competition has driven the Bitcoin mining industry into a great era of innovation.  Just 2 years ago video cards dominated the Bitcoin mining market with unbelievably poor efficiency.  We are now reaching 28nm ASIC chips and reaching efficiency at less than a watt/GH.  Accompanying these innovations in chip design and board production are greatly increased unit sizes, power consumptions and cooling requirements.  "Large residential operations are no longer feasible for the latest generation of Bitcoin mining hardware", Lauren Miehe says, head of Operations for Bitcoin ASIC Hosting.  Bitcoin miners must now consider co-location to reach the maximum potential of their hardware investments.  Dedicated cooling and power are costly upgrades to commercial and residential properties.  Bitcoin ASIC Hosting and Dell are here to help.
We are ecstatic that Dell, a worldwide industry leader, has shown such flexibility and support of a growing local company in the dynamic emerging market that is Bitcoin mining.  This forward thinking and technical expertise on Dell's behalf is what we looked for when evaluating a hosting partner.  Coupled with Dell's SmartHand support and world-class facility, our hosting solution provides the proper environment the needs of all high technology computing solution.   Dell is setting the standard for advancing the growth of innovative technologies.
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