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Cointerra Terraminer IV Hosting

As the density of ASIC miners keeps reaching new levels, there is one unit that is leading the pack.  The Cointerra Terraminer IV comes in at 2000watt (2kW) usage hashing at speeds between 1.3 and 1.8TH/s.  The difference in performance is directly related to cooling, as the internal temperature sensors are very reactive, and will cycle down unit performance when ambient temperatures reach too high. 
Often one core of the Cointerra Terraminer IV is disabled temporarily, as the unit is split into two cores known as CTA1 and CTA0 both with their own power supply.  The construction of the unit is quite impressive, the power supplies can be replaced and swapped without opening the box or voiding the warrantee sticker on the unit, although opening the box is required for any advanced troubleshooting or investigation.  Please consult Cointerra directly before performing any advanced maintenance on your unit if there is an issue.  Often Cointerra will allow you to open the box yourself, but you must gain permission first to not void your warrantee.
Cointerra Terraminer IVs are the densest units on the market, coming in at 4U height and ~30 pounds.  These bad boys are definitely the beefiest, and running them in a standard commercial or residential setting causes significant heat and noise issues if you enjoy peace and quiet and prefer to separate your house from a sauna/airport hybrid.
In order to maximize the uptime of your Cointerra Terraminer IV, ambient temperatures ~70 degrees is highly recommended from dedicated cooling.  Manually resetting the miner has proven to be an effective method of avoiding the cycling down process from internal temperature sensors.
Overall, the Cointerra Terraminer IV, is one of the most engineered units on the market and we are proud to provide the best colocation available.  We have the tools, skills and experience to maximize return on your Terraminer IV and take the micromanagement out of your Bitcoin mining investments!
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