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Bitmain Antminer D3 - X11 ASIC Miner

Antminer D3 Miner

The Antminer D3 is Bitmain's ASIC miner for the X11 hashing algorithm.    X11 is growing in popularity so it is natural that the larger hardware manufacturer of crypto-currency miners has decided to enter the market with their commercial offering.  The D3's design is in the same line of all the Antminers since  the S7 miner.  The length is very close the S9 miner.  The miner has the same configuration of: three hashing boards, controller board, two fans and an aluminum case.   The units is a little higher than an S9 but outside of that, basically the same.

The web interface is the same Linux powered setup you find in all of the Bitmain offerings.  There are five mineable coins for the  X11 protocol.   DASH by far is the coin that almost everyone is mining with these units.   With the growing popularity of this miner, we could see the difficult spike significantly when this launch.  Each units takes 1,200 watts a piece.   On a 20-amp you can safely run two miners and potentially three miners but please note you will be 1.3 amps over the normal de-rating of 80% of the breakers maximum capacity.

Overall another solid offering from Bitmain and should do a good job mining for X11. 

Manufacturer    Bitmain
Model    Antminer D3 (15Gh/s)
Release Date September 2017
Size    5.11 x 7.48 x 12.59 inches
Weight   12.12LB
Noise level    75db
Fan(s)    2
Power    1200 watts
Wires    9 * 6pins PCIE
Voltage    11.60 ~13.00 volts
Interface    Ethernet
Temperature    60 - 95 °F
Humidity    5 - 80%

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Manufacturer &nbs p;&nbse-baik >
Model &nbs p;&nbsG-gii+ A 120 >
Release Date
Size &nbs p;&nbs4.9248 5.5.11 ; 18159 inches
Weight  p;&nbs6.5612LB
Noise level  p;&nbs6 75db
Fan(s)  p;&nbs1db
Power &nbs p;&nbs45200 watts
Wires  p;&nbs6 6pits
Voltage  p;&nbs1200 volts
Interface  p;&nbs; Ethernet
Temperature  p;&nbs6 60 - 95 °%