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62TH/s of Hosted & Mining Hardware for Immediate Sale

62TH/s of Hosted & Mining Hardware for Immediate Sale
As the title stated, this is the sale of 62 TH/s of HashFast ASIC boards.  We are looking to sell it as a complete package.  It is currently mining at DC1 and can be switched to the new customer immediately.

Hardware: 100+ Hashfast Rev 1, 2 & 3 boards (Mostly Rev2)

Speed:  62 TH/s

Power Consumption (est.):  70-74 Kw (Kilowatts)

Details:  This consisted of 4 racks consisting of 25-36 boards per rack.  They are custom mounted as you see in the picture with nine (9) per blade.  The closed-loop liquid coolers and Seasonic 850watt Gold PSU are mounted as well.   The whole unit is routed through custom 49-port powered USB hubs and Dell servers for controlling via CGminer.

Availability:  Immediately

Hardware Price: $25,000.00 USD

Hosting:  $6,100.00 per month

Total:  $43,300.00* USD or Equivalent

*Total price reflects hardware and 3-months of hosting at ~$82.00 per KW.  We will entertain a sale-only.  Under that option, the customer would be charges a one-time handling fee for breakdown & packing and the customer would be responsible for transportation.  This is about 8,000 LBS of hardware, should fit on four pallets.   
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