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Added an additional 1.5TH of BFL ASIC Hardware

We received a large shipment in over the weekend of BFL SC singles.    Because of BFL’s design philosophy of thinking only home user would purchase their hardware and not data-center types, the actually logistics were challenging. 

The power supply is massive and the power ports are on the side rather than the front or back so you need to turn them 90 degrees so you can rack-em and stack em.

Another gripe I have is the lack of a controller board and having to use a PC.  It doesn’t matter if you are the only owner, but with us, we have clients.  Instead of being able to give granular statistics, we either need a PC for each customer or group them all together and do the math based on effort of each client’s hardware.

Regardless we got them all online  in the end and they are hashing away happy as can be.

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